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Telehealth counseling specialized to help you move from insecurity, self-doubt, and anxiety to a place of power, calm, and trust in yourself. 

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Feel better about yourself

Stop worrying what others think

Develop better relationships

Control feelings of pressure

Cope with rejection 

Find your zen

Do you want a counselor you can be real with? Do you

want to work on your issues without feeling embarrassed

or judged for them? I help people work through their insecurities, anxieties, and relationship issues without all the formality. People often come to see me because they don’t feel good enough no matter what they do or how hard they work. This can make it hard to feel happy, hard to feel good in relationships, and hard to stay positive. It can make you feel worried that your accomplishments will slip through your fingers, or that you’re not where you’re supposed to be in some sense. 


If you’re tired of feeling exhausted, overly responsible, or worried about what others will see if they get too close, I get it, and you don't have to feel that way forever. Having the support of a neutral person in your life can help you sort out what’s really going on and how to make it better. 


Counseling gives you a chance to be honest with yourself about why you feel the way you do and heal any old wounds that are still impacting you today. 


So get cozy, grab a cup of tea, and let’s work it out. 

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Andrea Mason, LMHC, NCC, RPT-S

Branden Barnette, LMHC

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If anything here sounds familiar and you're wondering if counseling is the right step, I want to connect with you! Let's talk and see. 

Largo, Florida 33771 

Tel: (727) 513-6509

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Services are offered to the entire state of Florida. Telehealth gives you a wider range of specialists than you might otherwise find in your local area. Through telehealth you can connect within the comfort of your own space. No travel time and less barriers between you and help!

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