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Trauma Counseling Can Help You...

Strengthen your ability to trust other people

Better cope with separation anxiety, rejection, and feelings of abandoment 

Decrease the control your childhood experiences have over you

Decrease panic, guilt, depression, and self-sabotage 

Build better self-esteem

Learn how to set healthy boundaries 

Learn how to choose safer relationships 

Decrease negative thoughts about yourself

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I work with individuals across the state of Florida who are dealing with the aftermath of turbulent, chaotic, and painful childhoods. I specialize in helping people recover from negative early relationships, domestic violence, parents with addictions, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse. These issues often create a pattern of negative relationships, poor self-esteem, fear of failure, regular depression and anxiety, intense self-criticism, difficulty with work and school, and a deep feeling of being alone. You may also struggle with an inner voice that constantly makes you feel ashamed, guilty, or worthless.


Do you find it so difficult to sit with moments of calm, that you sometimes create or attract chaos? Do you find yourself feeling responsible for everyone else's emotions and keeping everyone else calm or happy while you're struggling on your own? Is it often hard to trust yourself and your own judgement? Do you find yourself in the same kinds of toxic relationships over and over again, wondering what's wrong with you? Do you have an ongoing feeling of doom even when nothing in particular is going wrong? Do you sometimes feel so numb or disconnected that you can't experience joy? These are some of the hallmarks of childhood trauma that we just don't talk about enough. 


My client’s goals typically revolve around learning to manage their body's automatic responses to stress and triggers, teaching their brain new ways to respond to anger and sadness, learning how to feel safe in relationships, accessing the feeling of joy again (maybe for the first time ever), and developing a better relationship with themselves. I'm here because everyone deserves a safe person in their life and a way to heal.


I always do therapy slow and I try to make it as non-threatening as possible. I know it can be tough or scary to start, but I'm just a regular person with some special skills here to help you navigate your healing and processing. We approach those memories you are most afraid of on your terms. Our first job is just to help you to create more stability, control, and safety in your present life. Then, at your pace, we can work on healing the pain and terror of those moments that caused the issues.


I am an EMDR trained clinician. I am also trained in Attachment focused EMDR and a Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional.


We can get to a better life together.

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If anything here sounds familiar and you're wondering if counseling is the right step, I want to connect with you! Let's talk and see. 

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